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Health and Safety

The H & S rules are very strange when it comes to self builders, firstly if you are any type of company, limited or not, a business partnership etc then the H & S rules apply to you and your employees.

If on the other-hand you are Fred Bloggs who is building your own house, or extension etc, then the rules do not apply! You will not be able to find out if you are doing anything wrong until you have an accident or a visit from an inspector!
If you employ a firm to carry out say the roofing then they must ensure that their employees are not put at risk and may ask who erected the scaffold etc, this would normally only happen if the scaffold did not look erected safely.
Due to the lack of H.S.E. Inspectors the chances are you will never see one, but this does not mean you should take short cuts, allways make every effot to build safely, you could even fence off your plot in an effort to keep kids out, remember children see building sites as adventure playgrounds!

If, as a self-builder, you use common sense you will normally be ok, if you are building near a pathway then use brickguards, don't have tubes sticking out where someone may walk into them. Its is good practice to have site insurance, ask you insurer what rules they apply to scaffolding.
We recommend that most self-builders use system scaffolding, this is far safer than conventional scaffolding which must only be erected, and altered, by qualified personel.
System scaffolding is based on a modular design of 4ft,6ft and 8ft bays, this helps with easy design, erection and can easily be altered at any time.
If you require details on training and the courses that are available follow the link below, it lists all the approved training companies for Tube & Fittings, Kwikstage and Scaflok/Cuplok

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