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Tube Clamps

Tube Clamps, Key Clamps, Kee Klamps, Pipe Clamps, Q Clamps and Tubeclamps all describe the clamps used to connect tube by means of an grub screws secured with an allen key. The advantage is that there are no external parts, unlike scaffold fittings which have nuts, bolts etc.

Kee Klamps / Pipe Clamps / Tube Clamps can be used for many applications, from making designer furniture, bed frames and desks to fitness gyms and childrens climbing frames. Kids play areas, like Wacky Warehouse / Charlie Chalks use Tube Clamps to erect the framework of the playarea,

Handrails / Guardrails are another popular use of Key Clamps / Tube Clamps / Tubeclamps.

We have even designed a bed for Linda Barker, Ideal Home Show Details Here


We stock a full range of tube and tube clamps in the four different sizes shown below. You will find full details, including images and product specification all stocked tube clamps in our Price List, these can be easily ordered online for next day delivery. 

Tube Clamp Size Chart:
Size:1 (A) fit Tube 26.9mm O.D. / 3/4" NB
Size:2 (B) fit Tube 33.7mm O.D. / 1" NB
Size:3 (C) fit Tube 42.4mm O.D. / 1 1/4" NB
Size:4 (D) fit Tube 48.3mm O.D. / 1 1/2" NB 

( Size:4 (D) = standard scaffold tube )










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