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New Access Safety Gate

£24.00 exc. VAT
New Trap Door Safety Hatch

From £22.50 exc. VAT
Scafftag Safety System

From £49.50 exc. VAT
New Scaffold Brick Guards

From £3.50 exc. VAT
New Fitting Bin

£70.00 exc. VAT
New Stillage

£30.00 exc. VAT
Fitting Bag - 30kg SWL

From £4.80 exc. VAT
New Ginn Wheel

From £23.00 exc. VAT
Plastic Tube End Caps

From £0.10 exc. VAT
Fitting Bolt Protector/Cap

From £0.05 exc. VAT
Armadillo Plastic  Caps

From £2.50 exc. VAT
10 pcs Foam Tube Sleeve

£29.50 exc. VAT
Supa Tie

£7.50 exc. VAT
E - Type Supa Tie

£7.50 exc. VAT
Hilti Anchor

From £0.70 exc. VAT
20mm SDS Drill Bit

£10.00 exc. VAT
New Hilti Ring

From £3.50 exc. VAT
Single Scaffold Tube Tie

From £8.00 exc. VAT
Double Scaffold Tube Tie

From £17.00 exc. VAT
Scaffolders Tool Kit

£95.00 exc. VAT
3.0m Wire Lashing

£4.50 exc. VAT
New 900mm Stair Tread Unit

From £13.00 exc. VAT
New 500mm 4 ton Screw Jack

From £4.75 exc. VAT
New 6 Tonne Screw Jack

From £5.50 exc. VAT
Friction Clamp Body

From £170.00 exc. VAT
New Sign Frame - 900 x 600mm

From £23.00 exc. VAT
New Sign Frame - 750 x 500mm

From £18.00 exc. VAT
New 500mm Swivel Base Jack

From £9.00 exc. VAT
Secondhand Stillage

£25.00 exc. VAT
New MAX Brick Guards

£7.25 exc. VAT
C.I. Sheet Lifting Clamp

£135.00 exc. VAT
Scaffeze - 20 ltr

£77.50 exc. VAT
New Scaffold Step Up

From £90.00 exc. VAT
Refurbished  Stillage

£27.50 exc. VAT
Used Easi Fix Transoms

£10.00 exc. VAT
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